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CV Tips
Keep it brief
Try to keep your CV to a maximum of 3 pages. It should contain relevant information pertaining to your experience and qualifications. Clients do not appreciate reading unnecessary details or extended dialogue that can be easily shortened.

Last things first
List details of your most recent job first and work on reverse chronology. Your future employer will first want to know what you are doing now not what you did 10 years ago.

Nice and Concise
Focus on your key results and achievements in each job. Give a very brief outline of what your company is about and the role you played.
Use Bullets
Employers prefer to read a CV that is bulleted rather than the one that contains paragraphs. Bullets assist in highlighting your achievements and skills.

Check, recheck and check again
Proof-read, spell check and grammar-check your CV thoroughly. Ask a colleague to do the same before you send it out.
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